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We make utilities simple

Utilities are our business. We save you time and money because we understand your business. Our industry expertise means that any issues are resolved quickly and with no fuss. Utilities are our business.

Better Connected

We understand that it can be frustrating dealing with connection companies and utility networks. This is what makes Unique Utility Solutions different.

A passion for keeping our clients switched on with a minimum of fuss is the reason we formed. Call us on 01332949540 to chat through your next development.

Our connection service provides everything you need to install, connect to or disconnect from the network. From full service provisioning to substation installation, we coordinate with suppliers to make sure all developments run on time and meet specified budgets.

We manage the installation of both low-voltage and high-voltage electricity supplies up to 132kV (including overhead lines). We can also arrange disconnections and diversions if necessary.

Unique Utility Solutions will save you time and money

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